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Choosing a reliable web hosting provider is one step you can’t afford to overlook in your journey to creating a profitable presence. There are many companies out there, and JustHost hosting is one of the most popular. Is this web host a good option?

Well, to get an answer to that question, you may need to compare what you want with what the company is offering. Does JustHost offer sufficient storage space and bandwidth? What about its uptime guarantee, page loading speeds, and pricing?

As you can see, there are a lot of things you should consider when reviewing and choosing the right hosting provider for your website.

By exploring all the facts and details about JustHost, we will help you decide if the company is a smart option for you or not. Read on.


If you are thinking of getting hosted on JustHost, just hold on a bit.

What is JustHost and what does it do?

JustHost was founded by Chris Phillips – the famous entrepreneur from the United Kingdom- in 2008. While it was one of the newest kids on the block, the web host had lived its dream of offering high-quality web hosting for individuals and businesses of all types and sizes.

The company boasts a high-performance data center in Illinois, US. Its other sub-stations are located in the UK and Australia.

There are many things that set JustHost apart from the rest. Their simple cPanel, huge discounts, and affordable hosting are notable of all. And, they will also refund your money in the event you aren’t satisfied with what they have to offer.

JustHost Review

Below is a walkthrough to help you see other things that define JustHost hosting.


320 ms (July 2020 – November 2020 average)

99.9% (July 2020 –November 2020 average)

Help center, Phone support, 24/7 live chat

Mojo Marketplace, phpBB, osCommerce, WordPress, hit counters, e-commerce systems, link pages, mailing lists, subdirectories, searches,

Free registration of domain name
Unlimited storage space
Unmetered bandwidth
Free mailbox
Site builder
Marketing tools
One-click app installs
Unlimited add-on domains
Parked domains
File manager
FTP access
Log files
Site stats
Multimedia support
E-commerce support
Money-back guarantee

Shared hosting
VPS hosting
Dedicated servers

Unlimited free site migrations

The most basic hosting plan from JustHost costs $3.95 a month

You may have seen a lot of JustHost reviews online, and most of them seem to praise the company for what they offer – that’s fine.

But just like any other company, JustHost has its minuses, too. Again, a thing doesn’t just become “the best” because it favored many people. That is why we deemed it necessary to come up with a list of both pros and cons for your consideration. Take a look.


The Pros Of Using JustHost Hosting

1. Outstanding Uptime
Server reliability or uptime is the most crucial aspect you should pay attention to when choosing a hosting service for your site. Nothing is more important than having your site running 24/7. After all, your potential customers may visit your site anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Thankfully, JustHost is stable. We are talking about server performance and network connections. The company is laser-focused on delivering the most secure and reliable web hosting solutions

How do they achieve this?

To begin with, all websites are hosted on high-performance servers with quad-core processors. Secondly, all their data centers are supported by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) backup generators. And lastly, the company conducts real-time monitoring of their system to ensure that issues are addressed in time.

2. Free Domain Registration
As you already know, many companies administer additional charges for domain name registration, right? However, JustHost does things differently. No matter the hosting plan you choose, you will get free registration for your domain name, provided that you opt for a 12-month+ payment plan.

What if you want to move a site you own to JustHost? All site transfers are free!

3. User-friendly cPanel
It goes without saying that cPanel is the most user-friendly control panel you will ever get. JustHost’s cPanel allows you to manage your hosting and other aspects without much hassle.

Other functions that the cPanel allow include database administration and email configuration.

4. Quick App Install
Another benefit of JustHost hosting is the script library that is included in every plan, completely free of charge.

The SimpleScripts app installer tool will help you install different scripts including osCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, and the other apps that we mentioned a few seconds ago.

5. Competitive Pricing
JustHost hosting may not be the cheapest option around, but their offerings are relatively affordable for everyone. For a few bucks, you get feature-rich hosting that will help you push your brand to the next level. We have a table of the hosting plans from JustHost and their prices as well.

6. Responsive Customer Support
As we have mentioned a while ago, which may be suitable for you doesn’t have to be suitable for another person. Mixed online reviews even compound the matter a bit further, because it makes it difficult to tell if a given company has good tech support or not.

From our own experience, JustHost’s customer care desk is one huge advantage. We tried the live chat feature and it worked really well.

The Cons Of Using JustHost Hosting

  • Huge monthly discounts are only available with 36-months upfront payments.
  • Lacks Windows-based hosting


JustHost Hosting Plans


JustHost Vps


Dedicated Servers


Our verdict is that JustHost hosting is an outstanding choice for businesses of all kinds. The company’s hosting plans are packed with useful features that can help to elevate your businesses to a whole new level – including plenty of storage, unmetered bandwidth, custom emails, easy cPanel, and marketing tools.

There are many things that set JustHost apart from the rest. Their simple cPanel, huge discounts, and affordable hosting are notable of all. Give it a try!